What Now

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Why won’t you let me express myself
why won’t you let me breath
why do you smother me
why won’t you stop
why are you doing this you woman beater
you finally show your true colors
i feel like your laughing at me
from the glass of a two sided mirror
as you plan to destroy me
what now
what do i do
i love him
he hurts me physically, mentally, and emotionally
i spend every hour feeling hurt wanting to cry
what now
i don’t know where to go
i don’t know what to feel
i don’t know how to cry
i don’t know why so
what now ?

Dedicated to Trey

One thought on “What Now”

  1. Some people actually don’t know what love is. They might have fall in love not because they wanted to be with you forever, but it was just that infatuation which made them wanting you more and more. Later on when the love feelings vanishes, what we get is the hatred feeling from them, the best thing would be just leaving that person and take a different path, why to waste our precious life for someone who doesn’t know the meaning of love.

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