The End by Lovee.Hurts

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As i stand

tall and straight

i look at my reflection

staring back at me in the mirror

i see the hurt and pain in my eyes

suddenly i start to cry

i look down

i can’t take the pain

i pick up my friend

one that can stop the hurt forever

i aim it towards my body

as my hands start to shake

i can’t take this pain

it’s overbearing my soul

as we almost reach our destination

i hear a loud buzz

i looked to see who it was

my pain

my pain is the reason I’m in this

you betrayed me you bitch

with your wicked ways

you were supposed to be my friend

the one i come to in the end

you were supposed to have my back

when i can’t even have my own

you were supposed to be there

when i needed you

now you want me to stop

f*ck you

i pick up my friend

and finish what i began

it goes in deep

slicing me

now my pain can finally end

just as soft as it began

i stroke my hand

and call my ex friend


I dedicate this to any one who has ever been betrayed by a friend

One thought on “The End by Lovee.Hurts”

  1. A wise decision can change our life for a better living and you did what you felt is right and it would be the best thing you’d have ever done. When someone fail to understand us, the meaning of love dies and we are just left with pain and tears, which cannot be easily healed but remember time heals everything, no matter what we are going through, life just goes on, and it will be really good thing to move on for a better and happy future ahead.

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