Im not saying "goodbye"

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Does your face still light up?
Do you still begin to laugh
when you watch the video
and look at the photograph?
Of that night when we danced
like there was no rest
That night I forgot what its like
to be second best
Does your body still fill with butterflies?
Do your eyes still begin to wet
when you remember that night
when we first met?
Well, today you flew back
to your home and to your guy
But I will have no regrets
when I look to that sky
Time cheated us once again
we knew this day would suck
But Im not saying “goodbye”
…Im wishing you luck

10 thoughts on “Im not saying "goodbye"”

  1. you are one awesomely poetic, talented, gifted,
    wise kid(not nessessarily yong, i just kal ppl that …
    evn if theyr older than me lol) and you are so loved
    you may kno it or not but you are
    by the angels n heavens above
    by the Lord of Lords and
    many in your family
    ur frends and aquaintences
    you are sooo loved
    more than you could know
    and that’s awesome
    i get this deep
    lonely, yet optimistic vibe frum you
    its good
    uv earnd yourself …
    sumthin really good lol
    i dunno up 2 you i guess
    liv your life to the fullest
    cuz you desirve it
    and then eternitly in the wonderful bliss of the heavens
    they're waiting for you…

  2. Amazing. Simply amazing. Im really starting to love your poems. They are just so… I don't know, they remind me of me. They're really my type.

  3. one of the better poems I’ve read.. A lot of the others on here tend to sound very gay. The one's that just desperately seek to find something to rhyme with a word.. poetry is about MEANING !!

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