Chutes and Ladders of Love

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Love is like a puzzle.
You have to find and try out all the pieces
before things begin to make sense.
Falling in love and pursuing a real relationship is no different.
Your heart soars up a million flights
as though you’ve found the ladder to heaven
and then sometimes you roll out of the clouds
as though on a colossal super strength chute.
And then all the pieces of the puzzle
come tumbling down in spiral of heartbreak.
But what you can do is try out your luck with love
on this game of Chutes and Ladders,
which takes you through all the puzzle pieces
that are required to complete a successful relationship.
From socializing together to dealing with power struggles,
this game will help you explore what makes partners tick
and what keeps them glued together
throughout all the ups and downs.
And just like life, the game is completely unpredictable.
Just when you think you have a good thing going,
a chute takes you back a few steps and sometimes unexpectedly
you manage to climb a ladder
that gives your relationship the boost it needed to keep going!

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