Waiting for a Rebirth…

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It’s really unbelievable how we  met

never thought that a person a stranger

in all ways will be so close to me

it started from a friend request

then hai, hellos  as time passed

we were so close friends

pure and beautiful relationship

then how and when? Did you

feel it for me..i warned you

everytime you tried to be close

but you didn’t…..

and how can i slip away from you

for how long??..coz you were just

mad for me..unknowingly me too

fell in love with you..

meanwhile when i realised its never

going to be true…i tried to avoid you

we tried to stay away..but i knew

your pain..and i couldn’t see you

suffering..we prayed together all nights

coz i told you we will get  a rebirth

we longed for our death together

with tears in our eyes…..

and then  a day came ..a day that

took away me from you

and now its over one year

but still i pray all nights with

tears in my eyes and

love for you in my heart..

just for a rebirth with you….


3 thoughts on “Waiting for a Rebirth…”

  1. I felt like the poem was specially written for me… good one and heartwarming… I think many of us have passed this phase and just waiting for a rebirth… lovely…

    1. Tatz our pain…will wait for the day… But the only change is… its almost 2 years… Searching for u with a broken heart… Kaathirikkum Ichaayantae Annakutty varunnath varey…. Aaaa oru divasathinu vendi…. Maranam ennu onnu undenkil ath ninnodoppom….! <3

      Annakuttyudae maathram Antochan..!

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