Get it over

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You don’t have to speak to tell me something
You don’t have to be ugly to scare me away
You don’t have to be mean to stab me in the back
You don’t have to be slick to be a slithering snake

I have to be stupid to believe your words
I had to be crazy to think you were different
I have to be insane to want you to want me
I had to be naive to believe your facade

We have to start talking to get over this
We have to start breathing to live again
We have to get over our stupid problems
We have to bring this darkness to its needed end

4 thoughts on “Get it over”

  1. You, I, We …When You and I becomes WE… it’s always great … I just loved the way you started with You but ended with WE … relationship is always about two people … can we try to clap with one hand? … Your wordings are very true and it really makes sense too … Thanks a lot for sharing it :)

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