Routes of love ..

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Have you ever fell in love ?

Did it even matter after all?
Did waking up every morning with a smile, made your days worthwhile ?
Because I know mines did .
I was a princess and you were the prince
We lived in a kingdom
Where evil was the main thing
But we didn’t care
We were so much In love
Whatever they said
Just made us grow more into love
So if this was the story
And you had the key
To open my heart
And look into it
Will you take it all back now ?
All the damages
All the pieces
All because you didn’t want to fix it
I loved you
I won’t lie
Not this time
You were my world
My everything
No wonder tears fall down as I write this
Yes I said it
I was a princess
In a unjust world
But now I’m a nothing
I don’t even know who I am
And all because boys
Like playing love games .

One thought on “Routes of love ..”

  1. the route to love is laced with the proverbial honey that seeing the dangers that the honey makers pose is practically impossible. a nice poem for a heart broken . it gives you a chance to know you can live a gain

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