Your Cold

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Winter had almost made it here
Nature around tells it’s so near
Yellowish leaves everyday fall
Giving a goodbye kiss for fall
Rain and snow will fall soon
As dark clouds hide the moon

I can already percept the cold
As thunder strikes inside of me
Another season I’m about to fold
Missing the person who could give me
The warmth simply through an embrace

For many years I’ve suffered your absence
From childhood tears till late adolescence
Seasons repeatedly changed again and again
Ahead of my face as wrinkles consume parts of it
But all I could feel was a tear drawing a stain
And a memory dissecting my heart bit by bit

I’ve seen my future drawn up in the blue skies
You’re there but now not it’s something I can’t see
I’ve seen my past falling before my tearful eyes
Crashing down at the speed of a flashing light
Unlike those autumn leaves falling from the tree
The promises you made never seemed that tight

Take away your memories and promises
Take away my dreams and consciousness
Winter is almost here, and I got used to the cold.

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