Fallen Angel by Ashley

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With a knife in my hand, my heart is pounding in my chest.

With my angel wings black as night i stalk the night searing for more.

I was an angel. I was something. I am nothing. Now I am a fallen angel.

My wings are black they’re no longer white. ‘Oh I wish that they were.

Stained from all my sin my wings wrap around me as I walk the Earth.

I walk the Earth to beg for forgiveness.

I walk the Earth day and night finding a way to heal my tainted wings.

But little did I know that my wings weren’t the only things tainted.

My heart is tainted as well.

I walk the Earth begging for forgiveness.

But now I know that I will never walk with the others.

I walk the Earth because my heart is tainted.

My heart is tainted because I’m a fallen angel.

And I will always be a fallen angel.

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