Just a Kiss?

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Kissing you is like nothing I’ve ever felt or done before

Kissing you sends shivers up and down my spine
It makes me feel burning hot and freezing cold at the same time
Kissing you makes me loose my mind
One minute I’m thinking normally, then your lips touch mine and I feel my every thought vanish
I’m wrapped up in your arms
I’m feel electrified, amplified
My emotions fly
My heart dances
Kissing you is blissful
The rest of the world disappears and all that’s left is me and you
Kissing you is better than anything I could imagine or even explain
My senses peak
I feel warm wrapped up in your embrace
Every place your hands touch me tingles with excitment
Our closeness makes me unsteady and a bit light headed
Your smell is intoxicating
I hear myself ramble, nervous
Then the deepness of your perfect voice brings my eyes to yours
And what I see in your eyes scares me
The pure emotion frightens me
And I barely have time to wonder if mine look the same when the gap closes
And our kiss is so amazing    

Everything seems to focus in on the single spot where the line between where my lips end and yours begins is almost impossible to distinguish 

The way you tastes makes me feel tipsy
Like I’m drunk on your kisses
The way I feel within that moment is so perfect I wonder what it would be like to stay
Like that
And suddenly, I’m not afraid to open up to you anymore…
The ice around my heart melts…
And suddenly the floodgate of emotions takes over and somehow
Everything spirals away 
And I’m
Lost in you.  

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