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I’m not sure what I’m doing

How I’m feeling exactly.

Is what I’m saying
Or has logic hence forth disappeared from my actions
My words
My thoughts
I can’t even understand myself
I’m seeing things with the simplicity of a child.
Colors are brighter, 
Smells are more prominent,
Sounds are sweeter. 
My touch is amplified, things feel more real 

And yet…

More distant…

The wind ruffling my hair
The grass under my feet… 
Your arms around me… 
My head setting against your chest… 
Your heartbeat pounding gently in my ear…. 
Your hands placed against my back…. 
Your head resting on mine… 
My gaze meets yours 
Your stormy blue eyes staring deeply into mine 
Begin to melt the icy walls around my heart. 
I feel cracks begin to form, 
Though it refuses to break


You place your lips against mine… 

My eyes flutter shut….. 
I feel your heart beat quicken under my palm… 
I feel it begin to race with mine… And in a moment of pure perfection, the ice around my heart breaks apart… 

And is gone…

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