A few little cuts

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It all started with a knife,

A blade that shined so bright,

That would scar pale flesh

On that dark and lonely night.

A few little cuts that would just get deeper

And deeper they did go,

As little lines of crimson blood

Stained the skin, white as snow.

Then something would happen

And away this mind would fly,

This body unable to stand

Beginning to feel high.

The scars will begin to fade,

But forever they’ll be there,

Bringing shame to that hand

Hoping no one will stare.

The pain is so good

But it only just a feeling,

She knows it’s time to stop

And begin some form of healing.

Only it’s hard to stop

No matter how hard she tries

And with every new cut forming

Brings tears to her eyes.

She must try harder to stop

And harder she will do,

Hoping one day she’ll just stop hurting

And free from harm will be true




2 thoughts on “A few little cuts”

  1. common experience with many people in a violent relationship. they hope it will fade a way they hope it will stop at some point they hope the society will stop to notice yet it continues without stopping only getting worse . its time to move. abusers never stop they only find new ways

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