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With sadness and weariness

I plunge fingers into flesh,

pull out my heart,

walk across the room,

open a box,

place my heart in it,

close the box and lock it

– then hide it somewhere

no one can find it

though nothing feeds it

still it beats

and bleeds….

I hasten to point out there's nothing categorical about all this/it is, for better or worse, a creation....

One thought on “Lockdown”

  1. It was so touching :(… I felt it because I could not lock my heart in a box as you did it. It seems you’re deeply hurt-ed. Even I went through a lot a difficult phases in my love life. But I am trying to learn from it and living my life with a bit of pain. Sometimes I feel like we got only one life why not live to the fullest and forget every bitter past but it’s hard to move on. I hope one day everything would be settled and normal. Thanks for sharing, it was different experience altogether.

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