Somebody’s Hell

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A life full of happiness and joy

I am free to live my life

Or am I?

It seems like I can’t make any of my choices

They are always done for me.

My emotions are only limited at a certain

time or length

My life isn’t mine

I’m living someone else’s hell.

Spiritually bond to these walls

I feel like a prisoner….

Day by night and night by day

I am depressed as I ever was

I am no longer the puppet master

I’m the puppet being controlled

but that’s when I wonder if I was ever the puppet master..

The lies of happiness have been twisted and hidden away from me.

Im here living a life that is a lie

This isn’t my life..

This is somebody else hell.

I break this bond and free my self

I am enough to

live my life the way I want to..

I am free

2 thoughts on “Somebody’s Hell”

  1. Nobody can control anyone’s life and if we feel like that we have been controlled or need to be under control then we are actually living as a slave for someone and we are not meant to be slaves and make own life as hell. Everybody has some sort of dreams in their life; some express it while some don’t. Life is meant to be lived on our terms, it doesn’t mean that we can do any unpleasant things, but, a life where we feel satisfied and complete. This poem should be a lesson for everyone out there who have gone or going through such a hell and also learn to break the wall and come out to live a life that one has always wished for.

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