True love and more

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Upon your sweetness my love,
Upon those sheepish eyes that light up to me,
Upon the wit incomprehensible,
Upon your kindness, you care, your tenderness that my ego,
Upon your love, in the truest and purest sense,
Do I pay my loyalty
Do I offer my love, whole package,
My care and mindfulness
My thought and the entirety of my heart…
Treat however and wherever,
Rule cross and through
For forever will I remain true,
To this treasure that has no name that you have showed me, offered to me!
I would call it care if that was rear.
I would call it love if it was but just love…
I would call it, let me see…
Damn I have no name for it!
For it’s worthier than worthiest,
Holier than holiest
And truer than truest!
I they asked me,
I would show them my heart…
How tender,
How content,
How peaceful
How happy and how joyous…
I would say,
That is just but a sign of what my princess,
Has given to me

One thought on “True love and more”

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your poem. :) It was really touching and I need to tell you, we can’t really name ‘true love’, it’s all about the special feelings we share with that person whom we love whole-heartedly. And when that person love us back, the experience is just beautiful. Two hearts tied together and that bond becomes stronger as day passes. What we all need to do is just take care of that love by sprinkling some elements like trust, care and understanding the person. :)

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