Love is Lonely

Undreamable love

Undreamable love
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We lived and lasted
Our love burnt like the moon in a dark night
We fastened the laces that joined together our tender hearts.
We strolled to the river of fulfillment
And sailed on waters, through the not so calm currents of her
And see what we beget, Novic, our son; the gift of feelings, the fruit of love
I still recall that night, when you clenched your soft fingers onto my own…
Heaving and breathing as you pushed…
But even in that struggle, those dew tears that never were
Those groans that I never afore had heard,
You looked beautiful in my eyes

They had said,
The candle would soon burn out
But our love was, but not just a waxy candle
He burns and never burns out…
And now we count but ten and five together
And we have sailed on all weather,
But spring has out done all other.
We walk on freshly ground and behold, the green and violet willowy plain,
Your smile shines the same,
Bright like a new moon…
Your voice soft and forever re-assuring
I am dancing love to every beat.
And this love our love,
Has out lived all word, all ways and all formula known to man
For this indeed is but a cloud, the moon, the sun and sweet nectar
For only those I know to be them, forever.