Insecure Girl

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she was 13 years old

when a guy showed her love

she was everything he wanted

but she didn’t believe in love

shes insecure

she lost her mind

Her weight gain on

Every single time

she thinks shes ugly

she thinks shes fat

but for him she none of that

to him shes beautiful and every way and he will love to tell her each day

she runs away

away from love

away from those fantasy

she knows he’s lying

thats why shes crying

her heart been broken by another dude

shes still in pieces

and is scare to choose

she thinks she worthless in every way

she cuts through her vain every single day with every single pain

no one notices her scars

or that dum ass who broke her heart

she tries to stay strong but pills come along

takes two or three

to see the pain run off

it doesnt work

it dont go away so she cries in bed

she drinks to sleep and to never wake up

but its like a guardian angel who just knows when to safe her

she thought it through and yeah its true thats the girl she is

who am i to judge

shes insecure but inside shes beautiful

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