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These days

The sunshine

Doesn’t feel warm

On our love any more.

Our love is like

A wilted flower.

The sunshine,

Instead of causing

It to bloom,

Is drying it.

The wilted petals

Don’t respond to

The sunshine

As they used to.

I remember

When in the brightness of

The sunshine

Our love bloomed



In the gentle breeze

Of happiness.

All beautiful things

Become memories in my mind.

Clear pictures

Of blooming love in

The sunshine.

Recalled upon seeing

A wilted flower in

The sunshine.

One thought on “Sunshine”

  1. The feeling of faintness do emerge in love after a certain span of time, but that should not be taken a negative way and one should always ensure to find the reason why is it happening so, maybe without knowing we maybe committing a mistake which can lead to wilted feelings. True love never diminishes easily, but with time the bond gets stronger. It all depends on us how we are taking back it on track. With little efforts everything can be made to work perfectly. :)

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