Love is Lonely

You Complete Me

You Complete Me
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Twist of fate
Since the day we met
I was convinced we were friends
Yet I surely wasn’t upset to accept
what cupid recommends
Iv known you for a while
and I have gotten use to your style
but I have to confess
you caught me by surprise
when you invited me on a quest
I see now, it was a blessing in disguise
For every moment we spend together
You make me feel lighter than a feather
but I find myself alone again…
apparently your on vacation
I pray to the lord and count to ten
and get so excited when my phone makes a vibration
all I can think of, is the day you arrive.
again only then, will I become alive…
because there is something I need to tell you
Upon the moment you greet me…
your my lovely little honey boo and baby…
you complete me!