Depression – by Jennifer

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I need to know a way I wouldn’t get sent back into the dark closet.
Depression steps out and takes his hand out.
I have to reach it. He convinces me, he says I’m not good enough.
He gives me a ton of reasons for why I should think that. He always win. He says he’s my best friend.
I believe it. Friends support you. Well depression has been with me when I was little.
It made me stronger by giving me experience. Im proud of him.
Its stupid for saying that but its true. He takes over me like a dark cloud coming towards town.
We can’t stop it. He follows me everywhere. You can’t see him but he’s behind my back.
Even he knows he’s dangerous but sometimes he’s nice. He controls me, how i act to people.
Nobody likes it when he’s inside of me. But I’m also smart enough not letting him speak.
He speaks the truth. The truth hurts.
But now, telling everyone about my depression makes me feel relief.
I push depression back into his closet and lock it! I am myself. I don’t need him. I won.
I hope he doesn’t break the door but for now
.. Im free :)

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  1. Hey that was a nice poem … people do come under depression for various reasons and your reason was no different … Good you gathered the courage to come out of that without concerning about the consequences … People should actually do this rather then destroying themselves by being under depression for no good reason … Hope you are enjoying now by feeling fresh air around … thanks for sharing it and I would be happy if I get to read more poems from you :)

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