Sacrifice worth taking

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I will trade my life for yours

so you can breathe again

I will trade my soul

so you can open your eyes once again

Holding you in my arms

Wondering why you have done this

Your blood has been darken

It must be magic.

Stained on the walls your blood still lingers

In my arms you lie dead

Lips so blue

Skin so white

Your heart stops beating

and your eyes are black

My heart is filled with sorrow

As you are gone out of my sight

Deep down inside I know I will never live.

Deep down inside I know I will never love again

Darkness fills my mind

the thought of sacrificing my life

so I can be with you

My mind drowned with darkness

Making the sacrifice so I can be happy

Seeing you makes that happen

Now the sacrifice is done

Death will never part us now

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