These Drops of Sweet Sorry

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If you listen…..
Just a little closer
And if you would stay…..
Just a moment longer
You might be able to hear
These drops of regret
Fall into the bucket
And you might be able to see
These drops of sweet “sorry”
Filling up the bottle

I told myself this is
No fault of my own
And blamed it on your fear
Of being alone

But if I bring you…..
Just a little closer
And if I could hold you…..
Just a moment longer
I might be able to take back
Those drops of regret
And empty that bucket
And I might be able to soak up
Those drops of sweet “sorry”
And break open that bottle

We made this fairy tale
Into a very short story
You deserved a much better ending
And for this…..
I’m very very sorry..


37 thoughts on “These Drops of Sweet Sorry”

  1. man this is one of the best poems I’ve ever read about these kind of situations and man it really helped me out thank you.

  2. OMG… omg omg… wow, that… was seriously THE best poem i've ever read.
    Wow… It as soo perfect. I just hurt my best friend who… loved me… and…
    this poem fit so perfectly. It made me cry so hard. God……….. it was amazing.

  3. wow it makes me cry i know how you feel if this poem was not something you just wanted tob wirte.
    Im crying right now keep up the wrtting you have
    geart job

  4. I’ve recently gone through some bad times with
    an exboyfriend/best friend. He meant everything to
    me and i would have done anything for him.
    This poem was an awesome way to just let him
    know that Im sorry for everything that has happened.
    Regardless of whether he sayssorryfor things he has
    put me though is a different story, and to be honest i
    cannot ever imagine him saying sorry…. but, as long
    as I’ve that’s all that matters to me. Brillant poem and
    suits my situation down to a tea. Hats of to the person who
    actually let their feelings be known


  5. Hi jones
    hey how do you write these kind of poems. I hope you can keep writing you a good writer. write more about yourself and i can get to know you

  6. this poem is great. its what I’ve been wantin to say for the last week or so,but could not express it like you did. i props up to you great poem

  7. ..OMG…….i…..imma CRY…its soo NICE…im in this situation rite now…..i LOVE this poem…and if he ever finds this…”im SORRIE”

  8. i mean ima dude but dat peom seriously made me think twice bout the things I’ve done its just great! i love it keep up the good work !

  9. well i think this poem was awsome and im not lieing it helped me out a bit becuz im having trouble with my friends keep up your great woork!!

  10. I liked this poem alot, because I almost got broke up with today and it just made me think about how regretful I would be for not being a better girlfriend.

  11. Dude, this poem rox!
    I love it..i was able to use it..
    i sent it to this man i hurt but i said it wasnt me who wrote it

    You rock, Jones!

  12. this is the best poem I’ve ever read in my entire life,.. my best friend was so mad at me, an this fit perfectly,.. it made me cry soo hard..i would love to see more poems like this!!!… keep up the good work!.. and thank you!

  13. i thank you for writing this poem cuz you help me alot,,,you help me to win back the heart of my love!!!
    i used this poem to express my sincerity for what i've done,,,you know what, im crying while im typing here,,,
    i thank you very much!!!hope u'll make a lot of good poems to touch our lives….thank you,,,keep up the good work!!!

  14. i just had a fight with my husband,its a lovely poem,and it had clearly expressed what i wanted to say to him rather than just ''sorry''

  15. hey, your poem fit me and my fionce's situation so
    perfectly because hes a dude that just holds all hiz
    feelinng in and pushes me away……so i get mad
    ''really mad'' but this just helps like everyone else
    said ''keep up the great work''!!!

  16. i enjoy read this poem…i can “feel it”all readers cam make down deep touch their feelings.what can i say?great poem(^^)

  17. Dear Jones,
    This poem is one of the most amazing poems i
    have ever read. its filled with so much compassion
    that i was very moved by it. I too write poetry, I
    don't have to ask how you could write something
    so heart felt, like me, it came from your heart. I
    want to say that ” if ” you wrote this poem for
    someone that you truly love, then i hope that your
    feelings for them where very much seen in the
    way you made it clear in this poem. I can say to,
    that you have an amazing gift and i think you
    should give it to the world and keep writting. Write
    about all the things that you feel deep inside your
    heart, about the things you see in this world.
    Example: When you see things that can stir up
    your emotions inside, like something as beautiful
    as a snow covered mountain, or the warm spring
    sun shinning on a feild of flowers where wild
    bunnies play, and seeing it stirs up something
    from inside your heart, then, my friend, you are
    a born writer and you should open your heart to
    the world. As i read alot of the comments to your
    poem, it touched alot of people, which makes that
    a remarkable ability. give it to the world! Goodluck.

  18. i really like this poem. I love the ending where you state that this is not how the story was suppose to end! Hopefully your story has continued and the person was able to forgive you

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