My Life Sucks Without You

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My Life Sucks Without You
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I can’t say I’m fine without you… Because I’m not, My life sucks more than ever now that your gone…
I thought you cared about me… But that was just a lie
All those words you said to me, it all seemed so real…
I was a fool to even believe you
But I loved you, you were my best friend
But now you hate me and I’m stuck here all alone….
Its been months since we’ve talked, I’ve done my best to forget you…But lets face it my life sucks without you…
What more can I say you were my best friend and you were the only one who understood me..
And all through the times we were friends you lied to me, all those lies I believed, those words drugged me under..
How could I have been such a fool?
But somehow my life sucks without you…
All the fun we had
You took away my pain, fought away my fears and made me happy for once
I wish there was a way we could fix things…
I wish there was a way you could fix your lies…
I wish there was a way I could fix my mistakes…
Whatever I did I’m really truly sorry…
But now that your gone, my life sucks without you…I wish I knew the reasons why I can’t forget you
But I can’t even explain the reasons
You made me feel so alive when I talked to you
Even though you lied to me…Something in my heart is still loves you…

2 thoughts on “My Life Sucks Without You”

  1. Sometimes we blindly believe the person we are in love with and later when we have to face the facts, then we actually realize what we got in return for loving and believing someone so much. But this is life and the nature of law which we have to deal with. Rather than drowning ourselves in that pain, it will be better to learn a lesson from this and make our life a smooth sail. I know it’s easy to say but very difficult to go through all these phase and especially the memories that once use to make us smile and now when we think about the same cherished moments it brings tears in our eyes. Lives sometimes really become roller coaster ride and when we learn to enjoy this ride, and then our life becomes blissful.

  2. Nice poem. I like how the poem sounded like a letter. It is sad that the person lied to you. was it something that was really a betrayal? I hope your love is not blind. But i like the poem and how you stated that even though they lied you still have room to forgive than and that your heart still misses them!

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