A Promise of a Life Time

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A promise that’ll never shattered.
A promise that’ll be flattered.
A promise that’ll be brought.
A promise that’ll have never been caught.
Smiles will be on everyone’s faces,
As they will each dances.
A promise that’ll wash away tears,
A promise that’ll never bring fear.
Please don’t waste your life away.
Please don’t never die astray.
Please don’t cry when one’s life dies.
A promise will never be dry.
It’ll open up hope for you to see.
Everyone will be truly free.
Take my hand and I’ll show you.
I want you to see and know.
No pain will come anymore.
No sorrow will be ashore.
No violence will be brought.
The only promise that had been fought.
Peace will shine above all.
The new world will be called.
The dead will be raised.
Everyone will see loved one from gaze.
Smile and have hope.
The mountain will be a steep slope.
It will blow you away from the floor.
Open that narrow door.
Home will be arriving soon,
To see that wonderful new world.
Look up into the sky as the bird sings,
And look into Jehovah God’s words.

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