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You sleep next to me

Unaware of the turmoil raging in my mind
I like you
Like a lot
More than I should
Every time you put your arms around me,
My heart skips a beat
My breathing quickens
My cheeks flush
My skin heats
And I pray you don’t notice
These changes in me
Dear Lord why now do you do these things?!
Why now when I belong to another
And can not belong to you
Though my heart longs for it to be so?!
Why now?
Why now after all this time do you step forward and ask me to dance?
Why now do you hold me?
Why now do you kiss me when you think I won’t notice?
Why now?
Why now do you admit your feelings for me?
I can not return them!
I will only hurt you
And me
And him.
Why now do you admit to me
Why now do you let me know
Why now when I can not love you

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