Mirror of Lies

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I stand by the mirror to look inside
puzzled seems the scene
painted within the mirror
as if I’ve lived my entire life
falling into your world of lies
shattered seems the mirror
standing before my eyes
anyway mirrors never lie
face up the truth try not to hide

It wouldn’t matter if you crawl back to sanity
It wouldn’t matter if you’ll righteously behave
Winds had already blew off your dusty reality
What we had is dead already resting in a grave
For years you’ve been seizing the best of me
Now it’s time to uncuff my heart and set it free

I remember when we swore we had it all
a vow I thought would never ever fall
you were for me the one and only
never the one to make me so empty
I remember when we went to neverland
a path of stars we walked hand in hand
you were for me the best companion
never the one to leave alone in the canyon
I remember now when you got my heart stolen
and will always remember how you got it broken
you were for me the one to belong
but now the one who made me wrong

I don’t want to feel anything beyond today
pack up all of your memories and walk away
would you stop acting all innocent?
stop asking what you’ve done
by the sun of tomorrow’s dawn
you shall be already too far gone
hurry up don’t waste your tears
telling me that into your deep
you’re sorry can’t fall asleep
start taking your anti-depressant
it’s time to face a cruel world of fears

I know it’s not that too easy to erase
what you and I shared back in the days
but you’ve got to walk in the boots of misery
we had what we had and now it’s called history
I’ll take a look at the mirror as you leave
I bet you it would no longer feel the grieve
the mirror knew what your plans were up to
far too early than I could ever do

leave and enjoy life with your bittersweet lies
spit them out like the rain falling from skies
stand for the world without me
since with your lies I can’t be
try to enjoy life with your tearful eyes
trap them inside cause no one can see
the truth when it’s covered with lies

I’ve turned off the last standing candle
there’s nothing left in here but darkness
nothing at all not even your ominous shadow
the scene gets charming without any shallow…

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