Your guardian angel

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She met this guy not long ago
Sweet, nice, brown eyes, and tall
He meant everything to her
9 months passed and she is pregnant

Waiting on this baby
No sign of the father
No sign of his  parents
No money
No job
No help or what so ever

She calls and he doesn’t answer
Visits him but he’s not there
Checks the house
And finds a letter

Dear ______
you know I love you
But is hard for me to say this
I got another girl pregnant
I love you so much I really do
But am in jail accused of a murder
When u see this look at
our daughter tell her I love her
And that soon I’ll be out

4 months later:
Baby am getting out today
Come look for me in the back of the gate
Bring our daughter so I could meet her
I wanna hug her, touch her and kiss her
She is the reason for my life
And if I don’t see her I might just die

See today I went to the doctor
He told me I had cancer
So please my love
Take care of her
She is an angel from above

I only have one more day
And today I hope to be better than yesterday
I love you baby and I love our angel
I’ll see you in heaven one day
But for now goodbye
I love you both
My sweethearts

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