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All I needed was a photograph
To put it all together again
A breathtaking moment it was
To see your beauty once again
Thought you have changed
I put myself together to realize
That you haven’t changed
You just grew up few years
Just grew up twelve years

All I needed was a photograph
To take me back to the days,
To the age of our childhood
To guide me through a place,
Once was our neighbourhood

I pass by your home
This time standing alone
Looking at your doorstep
or what once was your doorstep
It still the same,
From the outside
Calling your name,
From the inside
Feeling so lonely
Feeling so empty

A soft breeze touches my face
suddenly the whole world stops
As time’s slowing down its pace
Everything looks more colourful
Everything looks more youthful
I turn around & there we were
Running after each others
Laughing, tripping & screaming
Pretending there were no others
A tearful vision it was
I hoped to never end
A moment of innocence
Without any pretend

The moment went by like a simple dream
As I closed my eyes I started to scream
I screamed in deepful silence
Cutting my heart into slices
I kept on closing my eyes
Trying to trap my tears
As I open them I see you my dear
Smiling like I’ve always known you
Tears of sorrow waves of joy
I grab your hand & try to hold to
Like a child & his teddy toy
And so you disappear…..

3 thoughts on “Photograph”

  1. Hey Hani first of all I need to thank you for sharing these beautiful poems as I was going through your poems … this one stuck my eyes PHOTOGRAPH, I was like what would you have written with a title photograph and I need to tell as expected this poem was very beautiful and I am glad to read such a poem. I could visualize everything that you have mentioned over here and there was a smile and sadness on my face as I think I felt myself in your poem. Thanks a lot for sharing it …

    1. Hey Prem, thanks for reading the poem and thanks for what you’ve said, I’m glad to know that there are still such passionate people about reading and about poems in special, looking forward to read your poems which I will in few hours :) take good care, regards :)

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