Remember Those Days

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When I do remember that day once again,

You always have to promise me that I’m here.

Don’t let me forget everything that had happened.

The joy, the sadness, the laughter, the tears.

Just let me remember those days that happen,

For confusion lurks within me to the end.

Smile for me ¬†and promise me that I’m here.

Always the littlest things will always be forgotten,

Yet will be remembered in time as for now.

Tell me of those times I used to have,

For the past are further against us today.

When I do remember that day once again,

Promise me that you’ll still be there,

And let me know that those days happened,

…That they all happened for a reason.

With tears flowing as I smiled back to those times,

Both good and bad that happened and shall happen.

One thought on “Remember Those Days”

  1. I can relate to this poem especially.
    the memories of a time that once were but no longer are.
    you don’t want to forget them because they help you push on and find new things to live for. I do no know about you but the memories that help me smile also cause me just as much pain for I have yet to completely let go of that specific time in my life.

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