My Suicidal Letter

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I hate my life, period.
Tears would always stream down my face,
To always know that I’m a burden.
Everyone hated me so badly.
They even tell me to burn in hell.
What did I do wrong for them to hate me?
At the same time, why won’t you know?
I’m in so much pain and I’m hurt.
Family, friends, and relatives,
Just to let you know I’m going to die.
Yes, commit suicide in time now.
Please and sorry for everything I did,
Even though I did nothing wrong.
I’ve been harassed and abused all my life.
Nobody cares to say anything about my scars,
Where dried blood of scabs stay still.
No one says a thing of me being bullied,
Yet I’m glad to say that I’m innocent.
Everyone don’t even care when they see,
As tears would stream down my face.
Today and tonight I’m going to be gone.
So don’t even try to stop me.
If you even did try to stop me for me to live,
I won’t hesitate to say, “No.”
What am I talking about anyway?
There are people out there dying of hungry,
Yet they still strive to live another day.
Compare to them in many ways now,
I’ve got food, water, shelter, and stuff,
To let me live another day again.
So why am I talking about dying in today’s world?
I’ve seen people who suffer more than me,
And yet they prove themselves better.
What am I really doing in today’s┬ásociety?
I’m just alone, hated, and a burden,
But I see orphans doing their best better than me.
I’m lucky that I’m not a hobo out there in the world.
For a hobo will try to live one more day ahead.
Thinking about it for a second there,
Gosh, how stupid I am going to commit suicide!
One more try and one more hope,
I’ll try to live another day like them.
So if you read this letter of mine,
Sorry for you to see it.
This letter was supposed to be burn by now,
But since it’s into a poem,
I think I’ll keep it for memory and hope.
But beware I may know your secret:
That you read My Suicidal Letter.

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