Don’t Cry

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Don’t cry – your eyes glisten so

as tears belabour their way

don’t cry – I love you, I’m here

escape in my arms

let’s hold tight

and hear each other’s rhythm

with our whole bodies

don’t cry – it’ll pass

but I’ll still be here

I’m as solid as flesh can be

and my feelings are rooted

deep in the ground

don’t cry – I know you’re confused

but focus, remember

know what matters,

what doesn’t

hold a tuning fork to your emotions

and hear what rings true

don’t cry – I was wrong

I was so very, very wrong

once out

there’s no taking it back

but let’s plough it under

the morning sun smiles on us both

there’s much left to be done

let’s join hands and go forth

don’t cry – it makes me sad

to see you this way

I wish I could snatch away

all the hurt

and bury it deep inside me

don’t cry – please smile

just a little one –

please –

for me?

incidentally, I'm sorry if I'm overindulging on my welcome here/I just thought this one up last night and I felt this was the place for it/ you know? - Greg....

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