Only One

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You’re the love of my life and I know it
You’re the one that cracks me up
But at times makes me cry
You get me mad for no reason
The one who gets me jealous
When you got all the gurls on your myspace
The one to make me shout and scream
Just ’cause I want us to be seen
You’re the one I care about
The one I watch over
The only one that rubs my feet when I am cold
The one I’ll share those embarrassing times with
You’re the one I feel so strong about
The one and only Andre I will write poems to
The One that seized my heart and never trapped it
The one I think about everyday
Not at any condition ever getting bored
The one whose kisses I wouldn’t trade the world for
The one I know I will marry one day
And because you are the reason
Why all I need is you to know what love is

2 thoughts on “Only One”

  1. I think this is a Very Beautiful poem:) And I hope your Love will grow stronger each day forever more!!!

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