When I…

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When I reach for the sky, I find hope inside of me.

When I stared at the sun, I find the light within me.

When I feel the wind on my skin, I feel free.

When I look back into my past, I smiled to thanks for it.

When I touch the tip inside of me, I find darkness.

When I reach in deeper of me, I find the stories of light.

When I smiled and remember, I cried of happiness.

When I look around me, I hope for a better day.

When I cry alone, I believe someone’s comforting.

When I ran my fingers through my soul, I find the other me locked.

When I smile of calmness, I feel life runs smoothly.

When I give up, I remind myself to always go on forward.

When I go on forward, I remind myself that I took the risk.

When I am surrounded by others, I smiled and wish them to shine.

When I stand alone to get this far, I stand alone tall.

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