Love is Lonely

Story of Weed

Story of Weed
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This is the story of a weed
To which no one would feed.
While it’s partner the rose,
Was the one everybody choose.
To be ripped away,
Only made the weed determined to stay.
The rose on the other hand
Was the superior of the land.
What would once make the rose blossom and bloom,
Will turn out to be its doom.
The weed will then pay its respects,
and show who was treated the best.
For the weed knew,
That the rose would someday suffer too.
That day struck,
and came without luck.
The rose wilted with the guilt
It had once in splendid built.
It then realized
It had only worn a disguise.
A disguise that brought the attention
That would have never been mentioned.
For the first time the rose looked up at the weed,
and felt the feeling of greed.
It questioned why
It would in pain die.
Or why it had the need to cry.
But what hurt the rose the most,
Was knowing the life it had chose.
It was born into seeing only its brilliance,
and now slowly dies learning the meaning and virtue of persistence.