Is he the one?

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He says that he loves me.
Every day!
He tells me he needs me.
What do I say?
I tell him I love him,
I need him forever.
We both know this won’t last.
We tell each other we will be forever.
We know we won’t.
We live in the moment,
Loving each other.
We don’t want us to end.
Though, we know one day we will.
We will hold off the future,
As long as we need to.
As he tells me,
I will always need you,
but I will only be around until you don’t need me.
I tell him I will always need him.
Lately, we’ve been yelling for stupid reasons.
I don’t know what I should do.
I don’t wanna lose.
He doesn’t want to leave me.
We try to resolve our situations,
but they’re only getting worse!
I want them to get better.
I can’t stand the thought of him leaving me.
I could never leave him.
I wonder,
Is he the one??????

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