Truly beautiful

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I watch you look in the mirror

Your eyes full of disgust,

You see only one thing,

You see an ugly girl standing in front of you.

Your so beautiful,

You have big brown eyes

And crazy colored hair,

You one of a kind, Emmie.

I wish you could see your beauty,

If only you could look deep inside,

It’s not about what’s on the outside,

Even if that’s what society says.

Your truly beautiful on the inside,

And it really shows,

So, please, open your eyes,

And please, begin to love yourself.

You tell me I’m beautiful,

You tell me to not listen to the rude people,

I want you to listen to your words,

And see the girl I see.

Your beautiful,

Your truly amazing,

Your just blinded by what society says,

But one day, you’ll finally see.

6 thoughts on “Truly beautiful”

  1. There is a difference between “your” and “you’re”. If you don’t know the difference, you are not a writter.

  2. Very well said and after reading this I have to mention this wonderful quote “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. People will say what they want to say and they will keep saying, it shouldn’t matter to us and most importantly it should make us weak, for us we are the best then comes the rest. We should try and love ourselves first, if we don’t do that how we can expect others to admire our beauty? Our beauty will change after a few decades but the only thing which remains young will be our heart. Let’s don’t hurt that innocent heart which beats 24/7. Let’s try to love ourselves.

  3. LOVE THIS POEM! I love how you start of by explaining that your friend is not happy with herself, but then you go on to admire things you find beautiful about you friend!

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