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On this night
Welcoming another new year
I’ve got around me all my peers
But without you, I’m feeling disavowed
This damned loneliness
Is filling my emptiness
Even within the surrounding crowd

For the last few 365 days
Everywhere I go
Everything I do
I was imagining your pretty face
For the last few 52 weeks
Every person I’ve seen
Every place I’ve been
Was like ashes on antiques
For the last few 12 months
Everything I write
Giving a way to fight
I was helpless without fonts

Call me stupid or a fool
But I’m gonna keep on waiting
Your love for me is the tool
I’m gonna keep on anticipating
It’s not stubbornness, rather it’s a rule
As long as I’m living you’ll be my fuel

In the upcoming 2012
Into the answers am gonna delve
Searching here and there
Searching almost everywhere
Why you’re not being here
Why you’re far instead of near

Even if I try to leave u behind
You’ll always be crossing my mind
From time to time, & every then & while
I imagine your lips drawing a smile
Nothing more I think I might need
My scar is bleeding
It doesn’t seem to be healing
Only you can stop the bleed

Wherever you are
No matter how far
I wish you a happy new year
Holding the accomplishment of your dreams
Wherever you are
Don’t leave me disavowed
No matter how large gets the crowd
Without you I’ll always be disavowed!

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