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Senseless Sun

Senseless Sun
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Why would you try closing this door
Kick it all out, tearing me to the floor
Turning my life into a misery
I find it hard to understand this mystery
Can’t you yet see the heart of me?

I can’t tell what’s fake from what’s real
I can’t identify what I suppose to feel
All this agony,
my ultimate fear
Desperately hoping to disappear
But you keep breaking me down
You’re the darkest enemy of your own.

If I could stand up and take all the outcoming blame
But I won’t bother myself knowing it’ll be the same
A heart born without a tagging sensational name
Will forever after non-changing senseless remain

So many dreams went on without any sacrifice
So many years kept in vanity living hell in paradise
No more fear,
Just don’t stay near
I can’t stand you here
Your storm is over, now its time for her sunrise

Time has come to taste the rage
Time has come to end your age

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