Stay Strong

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You cried so deeply inside.
Tears to only drain your heart out.
Alone you feel in and out.
Suffering and giving up,
To feel all inside your soul.
Look at you in the mirror,
As you see yourself cry.
Damn it!!
Don’t give up as you quit,
To feel low and worthless.
Stand up and show me your true self,
As you are on the edge,
Still staying alive.
When you are hurt, don’t let anyone let you down.
When you fall, you get right back up.
When you fail, start from scratch and succeed.
When you give up, never let life bury you.
When you are too deep, I know it’s hard to breathe.
To never do nothing in a way,
You’ll never see happiness.
Seek what your heart desire,
As you do something about it.
Don’t give up on life just yet,
Open up and stay strong.
I hate to see you quit,
To know that you are strong.
If you want to give up,
As you see yourself a loser,
Go ahead and quit.
But to tell you secretly,
You are not a loser,
You are not a worthless trash,
You are not ugly,
You are not weak.
If you want to prove yourself,
Prove the evil that you are strong.
As I let you know in a way,
You are not the only one that suffer.
Others suffer greater than you,
And you see them alive.
Don’t give up just yet!
If you do, you’re a disgrace to me.
Try and hold on,
As I try and hold on along with you.
Believe and give hope,
As I am doing the same along with you.
Stay strong no matter what happens,
As I do the same along with you.
I know my words will so be forgotten,
But just a saying,
A saying to you.
If my words are worthless,
Then so be it.
I face the same thing as you.
Just to let you know to don’t quit.
If you face disaster,
Remember to stay strong,
For it happened for a reason.
Give hope, give faith, and believe.
Try your best and don’t give up.
Believe your life will be better,
Hope for a better day,
Give faith in yourself.
If you don’t, you’re not trying.
Stand up and show the world.
Prove the world you can do it.
Do it to show yourself.
You are strong in a way,
And you can do it.
The light will come one day.
Don’t give up on me!
You will find that light!!
Trust me!!!

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  1. This is very encouraging and it gives a very strong message. This Totally Inspire’s me. A Great and Lovely piece of work ^_^

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