My Life is Enough as It Is

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In my life, I was alone.
My life was full of misery,
As I would toss and moan.
I never in my life felt sorry,
Because what I feel was nothing.
Every time I would ask myself, “Why me?”
But as I came to realize,
All I want is love.
Sometimes I wish what was in front of me was the key.
As time pass by, I push aside my misery and shove it.
To know that others suffer more than me,
I stop being selfish of thinking of myself,
As I prove myself I’ll find happiness one day.
In reality, I’m an outcast with no one to hang out.
In reality, I’m a loser that everyone stares at.
In reality, everyone thinks I’m stupid
Just because I’m quiet.
In reality, I lost the feeling of friendship.
In a way, I’m one of those people who suffer,
But I hid myself and act normal as if my life is okay.
As I cry alone at night with no one to hear me,
I know that someone is there to see and hear me.
Although I know that I can’t see or hear Him.
My life is enough as it is,
But as I know, it’s life and it happen for a reason.
As time passes, I try to hold on everything I had,
To see that I’ve been through a lot.
I believe that our past made us who we are,
So as I push myself and made myself believe,
I, myself, one day will prove myself that I will find that light one day.

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