I Used to Fly

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I used to fly across the ocean deep,
But now i fallen with these broken wings.
It’s hard for me to find my way to leap.
Now it is like i lost my voice to sing,
For everything is forsaken i hope to keep.
I used to fly with no regret in mind.
Now i see a storm has fallen upon me.
As i dig and search for answers to lined,
It’s too hard for me to look for the key,
For I have no one to help keep the bind.
I used to remember everything i do,
As i would laugh and play without a care,
For I was very little and young to boo,
Now i know things i faced, i had to bare.
I realized everything at an age i wish i never would.
I used to fly across the ocean deep,
With no regret in mind to care a bit.
As i tried now to find my way to leap,
The search i dig had made my answers lit,
Because i used to remember i would laugh and play.

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