Will you?

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Will you love me
Will you adore me
Will you say yes
When I speak my mind on a bent knee?
Will you eat grains
At the country home with me?
Will you cherish me
As though, you had no brains?

Will you stay,
…carry my kids
Will you walk to the bay
And with me make winter hay?
Will you bear my name
Like an old dress, it’s hem?
Will you love the little ones
Won’t you run away?

Will you shun all odds
And with me, grow- grey
Won’t your smile fray….

I don’t know what you feel
When I say am here to say
Do you feel the same way?

Will you walk by my
in your wedding array
And be pronounced mr and mrs and Harry…
Close your eyes
open your heart wide
And say yes.

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