Cupid’s wit

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Show me chill and I’ll show you a cold autumn chill

wherein you’ll lean onto my shoulder,

not minding whether it be cold or warm.


show me goodness and I will show you unending paradise

wherein we’ll be together, your bosom onto my chest,

exchanging breath and chemical cations.


show me that, that you call your best shot at love

and I ‘ll release the grandest of adrenaline oozing emotion,

the most scintillating of love, only known to a newly born mountain goat.


Show me how you were created for me,

and I’ll bestow upon you the certificate of adoration that I chose from a bundle while in my womb

If it be pleasant to you my queen.

Allow me to proclaim what a match we’re:



mountain dew blessed


And this, our love, is but a bottomless pond of cool, ocean-blue water,

Taste my queen and proclaim you in return, that indeed cupid’s kids we are.

I am made to show you,

And show created to show me,

How natural it is for me to be lover of me

And me of you.

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