Love is Lonely

I Just Miss You

I Just Miss You
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I miss your hugs so dearly

I’m feeling so alone

My hand longs for its other half

The patient lilt of your tone


Writing about you hurts

But the truth needs to be said

I wish you were still here with me

To help my longing to be fed


I’m so lonely without your touch

I crave for your kiss

Don’t think that it’s all I want

It’s only you I miss


Everything about you

Seemed to calm me down

But now it seems the slightest thing

Can lead me to a frown


I’m not sure if I love you

I know you love me true

All I know is I need you

I don’t know what to do


As I write sappy poems

I wonder if I should

Are things better left unsaid

Than to dwell on things that could?