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Reality has found me and has spurned me to a place.

I’ve seen the grass around my feet and walked beneath these trees,

The path I took so long ago, still comforts me serenely

It wipes away my teary eyes with gentle winter breeze.


Alone amongst the hills it stays, it waits until I stumble.

Loyal to my emotions, it shows me how to breathe

It calms me down and picks me up. It helps me on my way

A wave goodbye until I turn away so it can grieve.


The leaves turn brown in august as its mind begins to wander,

“A slow return?”, “A lost memory?” Generous conclusions,

Never asking, never taking – only lives to serve.

I use its naïve outlook for my own problem’s solutions…


I feel so lost in scenery when I approach this place,

My eyes well up as usual like melancholy’s lens.

I run to find a pseudo sanctuary just like this.

But heaven couldn’t make another place like that again…

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