Love sees no distance

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I know you live far away,

I know I can’t actually hold you,

But that doesn’t matter to me at all,

Because, my love, I’ll wait.


We talk to each other every night,

Your voice, it makes me smile,

And when you say “I love you so much”

My heart begins to race.


When I hear our song,

My heart is full of joy,

Because, my love, it reminds me,

That you are always there.


I know one day I’ll see you,

I’ll finally get to hold you close,

Because I know we’ll make this work,

For the distance can’t break us up.


3 thoughts on “Love sees no distance”

  1. Amazing as usual hun<3 You and Cory are the cutest couple I've ever seen (: I really think you'll stay together and the distance won't make a dent in what you guys have(: Stop feeling guilty about taking him after I left him hun, I completely approve and hope you guys keep your heads clear<3 All I ask is that you stop ignoring me silly! Good luck!!<3

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