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My First Love

My First Love
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My heart laughs and smiles.
He doesn’t know!

I love the way he touches me.
He doesn’t know!

We have a bond too tight to break and I love him.
He doesn’t know!

I want to tell him everything about me
He doesn’t know!

He stays on my mind constantly
And he doesn’t know!

I miss him so much when he’s gone.
But, he doesn’t know!

He is my baby.
He doesn’t know!

I love going to see him
And he doesn’t know!

He is my first love
And he doesn’t even know!

My love stands and will always show!!

One thought on “My First Love”

  1. Can I replace he with she :) … Because this poem perfectly fits for my girl…my first love … there is a personal touch in your poem, it can make anyone feel like… ‘Yea even I had been through this phase’ especially I loved the last line … My love stands and will always show … It’s show your loyalty … Thanks for sharing! Good work … expecting more good poems from you :)

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