Dear Daddy,

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I believed all you said.
I laughed at your jokes even when they weren’t funny
And I believed you when you said you didn’t have any money.
How can you sleep at night knowing what you’ve done.
How can you not even care about your only son.
Having 3 girls doesn’t make you a dad
And saying all this doesn’t make me sad.
I can care less how or what your feeling.
A dad is someone that’s there,
The only thing you’ve ever really bought me was a bear.
You never cared about me and now I see.
You’ve lied before and you can do it again.
Hey, in your religion isn’t that a sin.
My dad is a liar no where near my bestfriend.
I laugh inside when you talk to me
Now I know that you really see.
I don’t like you, but love is all.
Love can’t buy me things.
Love can’t make up for lost time
And love wasn’t there when we stayed in a hotel.
Oh well, no point in writing all this down.
Because now I know you’ve never heard my sound!

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