I look back and remember

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I look back every day and remember you

I look back at the past and how I was

I see how much I have changed

And I see that some of the changes are good and some of them are bad


I look back and remember you like it was just now ago

I remember your face, your brown eyes and black hair

I remember all the times we did spend together

The laughs we had and a fight or two


I see us in each others arms and I can feel your lips touching mine

Quench my body’s thirst and heal my hearts pain

I can not go on to live my life in this sorrow

I am falling down deeper into this black hole

I don’t know how to stand up and crawl back up

I need you in my life by my side not only now but forever more

Love is Lonely

I miss you more each day and I can not forget you

I don’t want to because my heart belongs to you alone

Since that day I know no happiness and I feel nothing else

But this lonely feeling I have inside of me crying your name desperately


I am nothing but an empty, lost, lonely and sad soul

Wondering the days alone

Hoping, wishing that one day we will cross each others paths again

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  1. thank you for the comment.actually i just wrote and published this poem yesterday so it is one of my new poems.i am glad that you liked it because it is from my heart,i wanted to continue on this poem but the emotions was too much to handle

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