Show me a scene and I’ll paint you a picture

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I constantly divulge in meaningless action

I suffer from self-conscious dramatization

My confidence reeks of a transparent back-bone

And I can’t explain this feeling of elation


I haven’t a trait with a memorable essence

I can’t string a sentence together in person

My paragraphs lack any sense of emotion

However I drown in this adored immersion


I cheer up and turn around. Swiftly she takes me

I’m lost in a landscape I feel so attached to

The clouds. They form summits of blue, white and grey

The stars mark the peak “look that’s me and that’s you”


A tint in her eye where her soul cries with joy

An emerging raise of the edge of her lips

She smiles so brightly in the dark of night

I hold her instinctively, tighter she grips

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